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dress comfortably



I'd like to introduce myself! My name is Jennifer Douglas, and I run my Agnes & Dora boutique in my Vegas home. I found Agnes & Dora a little less than two years ago and have been a rep over a year now! My background is in beauty/fashion. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for almost 22 years,  and have worked as a freelance makeup artist and clothing stylist.  I am so glad you were able to find my site, and I look forward to helping you find some items you will adore!   I work very hard to have something for every shape, size, and style, and will continue to add to my 700+ items in order to make that happen! (I like Big Boutiques and I cannot lie... haha!)  Please message me to let me know how I can help you in any way, from sizing, outfit options, even to getting info on how to become an awesome sister rep! I'd love it if you would  join my Facebook community at